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Delaware Valley Tech Rescue, LLC covers a wide range of technology services. Always remember that if you do not see something listed, simply contact us and discuss how we can save you money.


The key to keeping your computer system running well is regularly scheduled maintenance.


We will handle the maintenance of your computer system on your time. We are flexible and you can schedule your maintenance whenever you want. We can perform virtually all maintenance services remotely meaning there is no need for you to be inconvenienced with a house visit and it also means it does not matter where you are; down the street or across the country.


Education is the best protection..of course the right software helps, too.


We specialize in removing the bugs that stop you from working. Viruses and malware can seriously affect you and your productivity. We scan for these bugs when we perform our PC maintenance and if any are found, we will eradicate them for an additional nominal fee. Let us take on these headaches for you so you can get back to happy computing.


No matter what technology issue ails you, we have the resources to help.


Looking to set up a network to share files, folders and printers? Whether it is home network or an office network, size is no object. We can setup your network based on your specifications. Residential or commercial, we can handle that. Call us for low pricing and get your network up and running or upgrade your existing setup.


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